Finding Bigfoot Hunter VR App Reviews

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Utter crap

Not the real game. Utter garbage!

It's a good game

It's a good game

Worthless and disappointing

Simply don’t waste your time or money on this game

This is horrible

Game does not work waste of money

Waste of $$$

I saw this on Fgteev and I wanted to play it and it was a total rip off


Good game


I have never taken the time to write a review but this app is completely worthless. I absolutely should have read the reviews before purchase for my son but I bought it based on a YouTube video he had watched. The game does nothing and is a complete waste of money.


My son wanted this game because he saw it on a YouTube video. So, I decided to download it and let him have a bit of fun. We both wound up highly agitated because we could not figure out how to play it ( Bc it’s not a playable game). This app is a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.

Ok I have to write this

Had to write review to plat the game. I think it's waste

It’s a storybook guide!!!! Not game.

Unfortunately, this is not a game that is played. Read the description, it’s a story book guide. My son begged me for this and I guess this company got what it hoped for... my money. At least I can leave a review.

Waste of time

Every time we have tried to use it it tells us to rate it. Still cannot even play the game.


Seem to Apple should enforce some standard this is a total waste.

Wasted money

This doesn’t do anything. GETTING a refund!!


How can we rate something we haven't tried??


Great Great. Can't wait to play more.

Nooooooo buuuuuyyy apppppp

DONT BUY THISE GAME you wal regret it I want my money beack noooooooooowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!



Don’t buy

So far, not happy...


Not sure if we like it yet. I'm sure it's a waste of money.


Wanna play the game


What a total waste of money. I thought it would just play the game

Haven't played yet

Haven't played yet!!


This is a total scam


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Don’t buy this.


Great game


This App is a scam for stealing your money... the game doesn't play .. Contacting the better business bureau is what needs to happen

Light cash on fire instead

Really, the lesson learned will be more valuable for the kids to just watch money burn over paying for whatever this is. Can’t play until I write something so that’s that. If it turns out to be any fun, I will retract this and write a puff piece.


Won't let my son even play until we rate it.

How do we play

How do we play on a Apple iPad, Please tell me please And if we can't play it then I downloaded this for nothing :(( anyways have a Wonderful Day :))

Don't waste money

My kids wanted this game and they couldn't tell me why. Game doesn't work.

Worst app ever

Don’t waste your money! Doesn’t do anything. My son begged for this game for weeks and we finally get it for him and he can’t even play even in game mode! Just keeps taking you to some half naked dude to dress! We want a refund!!!!

Review needed

Everyone says a review is needed to play. This seems like a coding issue

Doesn't work

It doesn't work

My review

I can’t wait to play this game


Why won't the game play

Haven't tried it.

Haven't tried it


Complete rip off

Wasted $

We can’t even play.....


Is this really how it goes? Can't play until I leave a review of something I haven't played, this doesn't make sense. And obviously I'm not gonna leave another message once I get to play it! Ridiculous!


Don't understand how they get away with making you write a review

Total Waste of Money!!! Read review before buying!

My son saw this on FGTeeV. Looked fun. He wanted to buy it. Can't play it. I hate wasting my son's money on stupid app games that don't work. This is the last time he buys a game, based on FGTeeV, without reading reviews first. I'm considering unsubscribing him from their channel because we trusted this would be a good app. At a minimum, I plan to post a discussion about it. I'm absolutely reporting this app to Apple. We've wasted too much time trying to play this dumb app. My son is irritated, and so am I. Don't Waste Your Money!!!

Don’t waste your money

It doesn’t work

Well I’m reviewing

Makes me review before playing so don’t waste your time 🙄


Difficult to start


Don’t waste your money.

Read carefully NOT A GAME!

READ carefully NOT A GAME APP pictures are not of what you are buying!


Hopeful that this review will allow me to play. Fingers crossed.


This app is HORRIBLE!!! How do you justify charging people money for this?? I want my money back!!!!

Daughter bought this app

It doesn’t let you play. Just hear screams from some person with still shots. Then if you try and touch parts of screen add with some naked dude comes up asking you to log in. Log into what!? Dis app is not real great.

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